White Papers

Algomy: Predicting ALGO Price
15 July 2021

This research paper introduces Algomy, a machine learning software that uses regression and analyis to predict the price of ALGO. This paper was developed as part of our grant from the Algorand Foundation, and seeks to provide a mechansism through which the bridge between traditional big player indices and average investors.

Smart Contracts on Algorand
15 July 2021

This research paper is the first of a few that will explain in detail our work and deveopment. It introduces a new of type of smart-contract (Algogenous Smart Contracts) and also references Choice Coin. The official Choice Coin white-paper will go into more detail.

Choice Coin White Paper
August 25th, 2021

The Choice Coin White-Paper describes Choice Coin, a new Algorand-Standard-Asset that faciliates democracy and voting. An open-source endeavour, the Choice Coin White-Paper was made possible thanks to the efforts of the Algorand and Choice Coin Community.

Decentralized Decisions
August 30th, 2021

This research paper dives into Decentralized Decisons, a governance mechanism that leverages Choice Coin and the Fortior Voting Protocol to allow organizations to vote in a decentralized manner.

MIT Bitcoin Expo Hackathon Prize-Winning Project: Algorand Autonomous
4 April 2021

Algorand Autonomous was the winning submission at the 2021 MIT Bitcoin Expo Hackathon. The founders of Fortior collaborated together on this project, which was built over a period of 36 hours.

Universities Unchained Hackathon
15 June 2021

This hackathon focused on development using the Reach Platform. Although we did not finish the project, we still managed to explore Quantum Voting and automated voting protocols.