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Efficient and safe processes are created through automation. Leverage today's technology to build a better tomorrow.

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Algorithms for a More Autonomous World

Battle-Tested Data

Our models only use data that is expertly reviewed in order to create products that our customers can benefit from.

Clear Record

We build on top of the Algorand Blockchain, giving our products a data-ledger that is both trustworthy and well-ordered.

Constant Improvements

All of our models go thorugh numerous trials, so that our customers can know they are buying something that works.

Quantum Voting

We are leveraging Quantum Computing to create voting algorithms that are powerful, decisive, and secure. Our voting system will eventually be able to handle national scale elections.

Seamless Onboarding

Integrate decentralized voting and predictive finance for your organization's decision-making strategy. Our products are created to be used by anyone from individuals to entire countries.

Choice Coin

Choice Coin is an open-source project built on the Algorand Blockchain as an ASA. Built with the community's support, Choice Coin represents the next level in capturing Algorand's technical edge. A token built for democracy, Choice Coin powers voting algorithms that hope to fundamentally change how large-scale decisions are made.

Redefining Voting

All entities, from small businesses to first-world nations, suffer from outdated voting mechanisms that contribute to a culture of non-participation and voter supression. This leads to decisions that do not take fairly take into account what constituients and voters may want. The Fortior Voting Protocol, powered exclusively by Choice Coin, is a simple solution that uses automation to create a voting system that is both fairer and quicker than present systems. To learn more about Choice Coin, please visit the official community website.

Public Ledger allows for all decisions to be stored on an immutable chain.
Quantum Computing enables fast consensus results.
Artifical Intelligence ensures all votes are valid.

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Our software architecture is meant to be easily adoptable and initiate decentralized infrastructure in a variety of industries. Contact us to get more information.


Implement our voting systems to handle large decisions

Predictive Power

Take advantage of our neural networks and ML models for data-analysis, statistical predictions, and more.

Supply Chain Management

Use our innovative models and blockchain on-boarding software for management and analytics.